5 Things to Do Before You Start Your Long Day…

Have you ever felt like your day is always spinning in one pivot?
Or have you ever felt that your life is kinda boring because you do the same thing all the time?
Or maybe you think that you are not doing anything useful for you?

If you think so, then maybe you are reading the right article now because we are going to teach you how to have a better life by having a good start of your day. You may think that this is irrational, but once you try it, you will know the difference.

So here is the list of 5 Things to Do Before You Start Your Long Day.

1. Be grateful about having yourself wake up in the morning

Wake up in the morning maybe is something you consider as a common thing, but somehow, it is very grateful for plenty of people to wake up in the morning. You can think more clearly and feel fresher in the morning, so please make yourself wake earlier if you can.|


2. Drink at least 4 cups of water

By drinking 4 cups of water may rinse all the toxic that’s not filtered out from your body all over the night. It may make you feel nauseous but once you become used to it, you would think it is very helpful for keeping yourself healthy and fresh to start your whole day.


3. Go for a jogging or morning walk

You must have heard that morning air is the freshest air time from all day. Just try to take a morning walk or jogging around your house and feel the sensation of fresh air in the morning. Believe us, it would help you to boost your mood to start your day.


4. Have a breakfast

This is a MUST for you who are going to work the whole day long. You may think that it is not really important but actually as the researchers prove that breakfast is the most important first food supplement for humans. Why? Because it is the first energy we could have before start working all day long. Imagine if you don’t have your breakfast, where does your energy come from? Don’t be afraid of becoming fat after having breakfast, but believe or not, you won’t gain any weight of having breakfast because you will use up all the energy immediately.


5. List at least 8 points for you to be grateful for today
It is irrational, right? But just try it, and you will know how it works in your life then. Just be grateful of small things like “I can have my breakfast today” , “I don’t come late to school or office”, “Today is sunny day”, or maybe “My mom waked me up this morning”. Be grateful is not something wrong. When you do it everyday you will cherish every single of your life even more.


Don’t be discourage when you have a lot problems to face. Just relax and calm yourself down first. You would have a good day when you make a good start of your day. So, be optimistic and find yourself differ from the others. Have a nice weekend !

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