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Buying Greenhouse Insurance

Buying Greenhouse Insurance
By:”Alan Sussmann Manne”,”Richard G. Richels”
Published on 1992 by MIT PressIn recent years a growing concern that the increasing accumulation of greenhousegases will lead to undesirable changes in global climate has resulted in a number of proposals, bothin the United States and internationally, to set physical targets for reducing greenhouse gasemissions. But what will these proposals cost? Based on the authors’ earlier ground-breaking work,Buying Greenhouse Insurance outlines a way to think about greenhouse-effect decisions underuncertainty. It describes an insightful model for determining the economic costs of limiting carbondioxide emissions produced by burning fossil fuels and provides a solid analytical base forrethinking public policy on the farreaching issue of global warming.Manne and Richels presentregion-by-region estimates of the costs that would underlie an international agreement. Using acomputer model known as Global 2100, they analyze the economic impacts of limiting C02 emissionsunder alternative supply and conservation scenarios. The results clearly indicate that a reductionin emissions is not the sole policy response to potential climate change.Following a summary of thegreenhouse effect, its likely causes, and possible consequences, Manne and Richels take up issuesthat concern the public at large. They provide an overview of Global 2100, look at how the sector is likely to evolve under businessas-usual conditions and under carbon constraints,and describe the concept of This Book was ranked 34 by Google Books for keyword jual dropship.Terima kasih

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