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How to Lose Your Shirt Starting a Mail Order Business

How to Lose Your Shirt Starting a Mail Order Business
By:”Joseph Lanciotti”
Published on 2002-08-26 by iUniverseFrom his own experiences in starting a small mail order business, the author has written this important, basic book. He has included some of the critical problems he encountered and overcame. During the difficult times when he made mistakes, he chose to accept it with good humor and as a learning experience which he passes on to the reader. He does not promise, ‘to make you a millionaire’, however, he explains how the mistakes he made could make you lose your shirt if you repeat them. He tells you about his successes and his failures with a few tears and a little boasting, and he warns you that losing your shirt can be very painful. The guidance he offers should prevent you from repeating some of the serious mistakes that he made. Starting small, with a tight budget, and little knowledge about the mail order business, the author developed press releases and advertising that sold many products including plastic spouts and orange peelers, garlic that had no odor, fake alarm panels, and books. A very popular product, The Seat Bag, was sold to thousands of Bird Watchers, Artists and other customers around the world. His press releases were used by The New York Times, other large newspapers, and the Associated Press. How he did this and who he met along the way will make you laugh as you learn.This Book was ranked 24 by Google Books for keyword dropship.Terima kasih

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