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Interpersonal Skills in Organisations

Interpersonal Skills in Organisations
By:”Suzanne C. De Janasz”,”Joanna Crossman”,”Nadine Campbell”,”Mary Power”,”Karen Dowd”,”Beth Schneider”
Published on 2014 by De Janasz provides a fresh and contemporary introduction to the skills necessary for personal and managerial success in organisations today. Suitable for all student audiences, De Janasz provides a range of Australian examples and references from diverse organisations to ensure a relevant and engaging cultural context for students. Packed with exercises, cases, group activities, and online activities it is the ideal choice for instructors who want to employ an experiential and hands-on approach to help students develop key skills as well as an understanding of theory. The book is organised into four distinct sections (Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others, Understanding Teams, and Leading) that can be used collectively or modularly. Understanding Yourself: Whether preparing to enter a new job or needing to develop team skills, Interpersonal Skills in Organisations offers students exercises and activities that emphasise business/manager situations and work groups, while incorporating theory with practical examples. Understanding Others: Interpersonal Skills in Organisations takes a fresh, thoughtful look at the key skills necessary for personal and managerial success in today’s workplace. This book is filled with a variety of exercises, cases and group activities, which employ and experiential approach suitable to students at all levels. Understanding Teams: Chapters on Coaching and Providing Feedback for Improved Performance; and Making Decisions and Solving Problems creatively, help students put concepts into a real-world perspective. Understanding Leading: The important skills of individual and team empowerment are explored in Chapter 18 on leadership and self-leadership. Students are guided through the process of effective delegation, giving an insight into the skills needed to lead a modern business successfully.This Book was ranked 36 by Google Books for keyword affiliate bukalapak.Terima kasih

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