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Jedi vs. Sith: Star Wars: The Essential Guide to the Force

Jedi vs. Sith: Star Wars: The Essential Guide to the Force
By:”Ryder Windham”
Published on 2013-04-30 by Del ReyTHE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE ABSOLUTE POWER AT THE HEART OF THE STAR WARS GALAXY The Force, in the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.” The fortunate few who are able to tap into this extraordinary power have studied and cultivated the full spectrum of its potential–either embracing its virtuous qualities or succumbing to its evil temptations. The Jedi seek to bring peace and enlightenment to the galaxy, while the Sith hunger only for conquest and control. This comprehensive one-of-a-kind overview chronicles the known history of the Force and its wielders down through the ages, from the founding tenets of Jedi and Sith teachings to the landmark events and legendary figures who have shaped the struggle between the light and dark sides. In first-hand accounts by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, Darth Bane, Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Emperor Palpatine, and a host of other Jedi Masters, Sith Lords, scholars, and sages, Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force spans the breadth of available knowledge, including • the first recorded discovery of the Force • significant battles affected by the Force throughout galactic history • the purpose, construction, and importance of Holocrons • the evolution of the Jedi and Sith orders • Force-sensitive abilities–including battle meditation, telekinesis, and “mind tricks” • noteworthy Jedi and Sith lightsabers, and the seven forms of lightsaber combat • a vivid portrait of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker PLUS–More than one hundred brand new full-color illustrations! No Star Wars library is complete without this definitive guide to understanding the Force. Remember: the Force will be with you . . . always!This Book was ranked 8 by Google Books for keyword dropship aja.Terima kasih

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