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Long-Term Success Building WordPress Websites for the Amazon Affiliate Program

Long-Term Success Building WordPress Websites for the Amazon Affiliate Program
By:”Ryan Stevenson”
Published on 2013-10 by CreateSpaceThis book is a guide for both new and existing affiliates of the Amazon Associates Program that are looking for reliable way to build WordPress websites to promote products to refer sales for commissions. It was originally created for a live Amazon affiliate coaching webinar series that had 12 classes. Each of those 12 classes is now a main chapter of this book. It is a complete tutorial on how to build your own Amazon affiliate website without having technical knowledge or web design experience. It is also a first-hand guide on the construction of the website built for the live trainees, so you actually get real-life examples and have a real website you can visit to use as a reference. Each main chapter begins with an introduction, summary and a checklist. The checklist is excellent to use to ensure you have completed all of the main steps for that particular class with the construction of your own website. You can also find two pages for personal notes after each checklist, so you can add your own info as you progress. Proceed through all of the sub-chapters for the first class. As you read through the lessons, try to work along with them on your computer. Complete the checklist for each class before going on to the next class. After you are done with all 12 classes and this book, you will not only have the knowledge you need to build Amazon affiliate websites, but you will also have your first site completed and running already! Simply repeat the process to make more sites – the more sites you make, the better your monthly earning potential. Table of Contents 1 Amazon Product & Niche Research 1-1 Amazon category Exploration 1-2 Amazon Product Research 1-3 Special Amazon Pages 1-4 Amazon Niche Selection Strategies 2 Google Research 2-1 Google Keyword Research 2-2 Google Search Research 2-3 Google Trends 2-4 Domain Name Hunting & Selection 2-5 Additional Research & Site Pre-Planning 3 Site Planning 3-1 Page Planning Strategies 3-2 Page Organization & Structuring 3-3 Content Research & Planning 3-4 Planning for Product Advertising 4 WordPress Installation & Setup 4-1 Add Domain to Web Hosting Account 4-2 Domain Name Server (DNS) Management 4-3 Installing WordPress 4-4 Initial WordPress Settings Setup 4-5 WordPress Theme Setup 4-6 WordPress Plugin Setup 5 How to Use WordPress 5-1 Widget Setup & Usage 5-2 WordPress Menu System 5-3 Categories, Posts & Tags 5-4 WordPress Pages 5-5 WordPress Core, Plugins & Theme Updates 6 Site Construction 1/2 6-1 Content & SEO Writing 6-2 Home Page Creation 6-3 Category Pages Creation 6-4 Custom HTML Menu Creation 7 Site Construction 2/2 7-1 Creation of Additional Site Pages & Content 7-2 Custom HTML Menus for Category Pages 7-3 Interlinking Content 7-4 Finalization of Site Menus 7-5 Custom WP Page Widgets 8 Amazon Advertising 8-1 Join Amazon Associates Program 8-2 Product Style 8-3 UpsellAzon 8-4 ExtendAzon 8-5 Daily Deal Azon 8-6 ComboZon 9 Facebook Marketing 9-1 Facebook Fan Page Creation 9-2 Facebook App Creation 9-3 Add Facebook to Your Website 9-4 Facebook Group Creation 9-5 Facebook Advertising 10 Google and YouTube Marketing 10-1 Google Analytics 10-2 Google Webmaster Tools 10-3 Google Plus 10-4 YouTube Channel Creation 10-5 Video Recording 10-6 Video Editing & Publishing 11 Squidoo Marketing 11-1 Getting Started with Squidoo 11-2 Lens Research & Targeting 11-3 Lens Creation Tutorial 11-4 Squidoo SEO Tips 11-5 Avoiding Problems with Squidoo 12 Site Flipping 12-1 Site Flipping Recommendations 12-2 Forum Site Flipping 12-3 Selling Sites on Flippa 12-4 Private Site Sales with Affiliates ResourcesThis Book was ranked 11 by Google Books for keyword affiliate program.Terima kasih

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