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The Economy of Indonesia

The Economy of Indonesia
By:”Bruce Glassburner”
Published on 2007 by Equinox PublishingThis book brings together thirteen of the most significant essays on the Indonesian economy. Included are articles by twelve leading authorities on economic policies, agriculture, population and manpower, industry, money, and finance. Many of these widely scattered articles are relatively inaccessible in their original form, and two have not been published previously. While these articles give the historical record of economic performance and policy since Indonesia achieved independence in 1949, they also convey the sectoral and institutional structure of the economic system. An extensive introduction and brief headnotes for each section have been provided by the editor. BRUCE GLASSBURNER, formerly Professor of Economics at the University of California, Davis, received his BS and MS degrees from Iowa State College and his PhD degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He was Chairman, Department of Economics, University of California, Davis for eight years. In 1968-1970, he served as Chairman, Field Staff, University of California Indonesia Project, and was Associate Director, University of California Study Center, Hong Kong, in 1969-1971. He is the author of many published articles in the area of economic development.This Book was ranked 16 by Google Books for keyword affiliate indonesia.Terima kasih

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